Car Accident Claims-The Questions to Avoid Answering in an Auto Insurance Claim Settlement

Tip number one-When you are starting out with your car accident claim, you need to be very cautious how you speak to and with the insurance companies. It is always a fault done by many people when they happen to share just too much information with the insurers as they start the filing process for the car accident claims. This is always the result of the fact that many are misled to think that by being open, straight forward and cooperative with the insurance companies they would stand a chance at being compensated fairly and more. Quite a fallacy!

When you begin your auto insurance claim, you will be grilled in a lot of questions by the insurance company. You need to be as careful with these as most if not all of them are designed to lower or nullify your settlement in the claim. The following are some of the questions that you need to be on the lookout for.

The question of how you could have possibly avoided the accident is one of the questions that you need to be wary of. Why so? This is a question that by insinuation is already placing you in a position to assume responsibility for the accident. Note the fact that amount of money you will get in an accident claim will be dependent on the much of fault you get for the car accident. Thus it means that the more the faults that will be found with you, the lesser the amount of compensation that you will receive from the claim. As such you will realize that even by just getting you to admit, implicitly or by such insinuations, even the smallest percentages of the fault and responsibility, you will have reduced greatly the value of the compensation that you will be receiving for the accident claim you will be filing. Thus this question is best answered by letting the burden of fault rest on the other driver or motorist...simply say, "I couldn't have avoided the accident...the other driver crashed into me." click here for more

The other question to avoid answering as it as well tailored to negatively affect your bid for a fair compensation is the question of having had any previous injuries prior to the car accident. This is asked you so as to attribute your current injuries to your past accidents and as such make it appear that your current injuries, which are as a result of the car accident you are seeking compensation for, are a result of past injuries resurfacing. learn more